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How do I know which raters have completed my survey?

In order to protect rater confidentiality, we do not display the completion status of individual raters. Instead, you can see the total number of completed surveys broken out into each rater level. This can be found in the Met Requirements section of the Project Dashboard. 

You can also find this information in the Update emails that you receive once you've completed your self-survey. Here, you will see the total number of surveys that have been completed, broken out into each rater level.

If you see that the number of completed surveys is low, you can send Reminder emails to your raters. This email will notify your raters that they have not completed their survey. The Reminder emails will only be sent to those raters who have not completed their survey. These emails can be sent from the Invite and Remind Raters tab by selecting Manage Reminders- found above your rater list.


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